We custom design, build, carve, etch and construct monuments, gravestones and headstones for South Dakota, Eastern Wyoming, Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota area cemeteries and memorial parks. We handcraft grave markers, bevel top markers, individual markers, single flat markers, slant face markers, infant and child  headstones, single grave monuments, 2 grave monuments, family monuments, family and private mausoleums, granite memorial benches, upright monuments, bronze markers, bronze plaques, granite gravestones, veterans monuments and pet memorials.

Headstones and grave markers  are typically what families think of when they begin considering a memorial for their loved one.
With the combined talents of our design team and the latest in memorial technology, Black Hills Monument Company, can assist you in creating a unique and personal memorial that will tell your loved one's story in stone for decades to come.
Double monuments aren't what they "used" to be. In fact, today's upright memorials allow families the greatest opportunity to be as creative as they'd like with their design ideas. Our double upright memorials are made of the highest quality granites and set with a concrete or granite foundation that we always guarantee.
Slants and flat markers are a simple yet beautiful way to memorialize your loved one.
Slants, or "bevels," are versatile and may be set in a variety of ways: on top of our standard footing, on top of a pre-formed concrete pad, or on top of a beautiful granite base.
Flat markers are required in certain sections of many cemeteries and are commonly made of granite or bronze and set flush with the ground.
Bench memorials are both beautiful and practical. While many families choose to place a memorial bench in the cemetery, others may choose to donate a bench to a local group or facility in honor of their loved one.
Our benches are made of granite, which makes them more durable and more suitable for engraving than their concrete counterparts.
Cremation memorials: Families now have more options than ever when it comes to honoring the life of a loved one who has been cremated. Those options most commonly include.
*Erecting a monument in a local cemetery. Families often bury the ashes in the plot or choose to place the ashes in a granite monument specifically designed for cremation.
*Placing a granite memorial bench at a local park or other public place that he or she enjoyed. This is a great way to share their love of a location or facility with others who share the same interest.
Laser etching is an excellent way to capture the memory of yourself or a loved one in stone. With the help of the latestin laser technology, we are able to turn any high-quality photo into a beautiful memorial.
Porcelain pictures  will also capture your memories either attached to the monument or recessed in the granite.
Vases come in many varieties of shapes and kinds that will help complete the gravesite memorial.
Civic Memorials is a unique category that we love to work with. Civic memorials may be erected to honor significant events, people or groups in a public setting.
Over the years, Black Hills Monument Company has worked with veteran's groups, non-profits, governments and commercial entities to design and install beautifully timeless memorials that are cherished and held dear by the community.

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